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Return Legacy has established a foothold in Malaysia with its sights set on international expansion, is also an organization that is operating in lieu with scientific ideals.

Return Legacy officially launched on May 31, 2014 and the headquarter is located at Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Today, Return Legacy has successfully established operational platforms in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Return Legacy’s headquarter occupies a 25,000 square foot corporate office with the group annual turnover of exceeding MYR100,000,000. As now, Return Legacy has approximately 100,000 independent distributors in four coutries.

To achieve core competency, we consolidate all of our core values into a cohesive whole. This synergistic alliance is the primary element of Legacy Science which focuses on research & development. We focus in developing premium skin care and health foods with the combination of finest natural elements and advance technology. Legacy Science’s affiliates in research & development include Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Sirim, Unilife (Japan), and Fytexia (France)



Although the history of the direct selling industry is relatively short compare to other industries, it is indisputable that this industry has proven remarkable performances and achievements globally. In decades past, it began with good deeds of forging mutual beneficial business opportunities, but unfortunately morphing gradually to factitious and deceptive illegal schemes with delusive promises, which had distorted the true value of this Industry.

But one man has not been discouraged by this, he immovably believes and understands that people is the primary capital in this industry where everyone has impartial and equal opportunity to learn, change and grow while participating in this field of dreams. He believes that direct selling is the best platform for those who have struggled in the orthodox sales environment, or for those who wish to establish their own business and pursuing their destiny in life. This enterprising man, Dr. Lee, it the founder of Return Legacy group. With the roadmap of Return Legacy through the mission, vision, and values, he is aspired to share and edify the true valus of direct selling which is to love, care and share success and happily achieving. “Special Life, Special Legacy”.



In business, as in life, we are often taken aback by unexpected events that derail us from making our dreams come true. However, there is one thing we can control, that is our reaction. We should have the boldness to accept and face it as these failures and challenges will give us further insights and experiences that are valuable and beneficial to achieve our future goals. Failure is never permanent and is the beginning of success cycle. Challenges and failures are nothing more that a temporary setback and they are just a matter of perspective.

“The Unsinkable” is not a word of inspiration, but a life experience during his early entrepreneurial life. During his high school years, he was told that becoming a chartered accountant is an arduous task, and was disdained for not possible to become a Chief Financial Officer in lifetime. However, with belift, impetus and volition, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Malaysia and a Chartered Management Accountant in England, and became a CFO at the age of 29 before acquiring his Doctoral qualification in Business and Administration.

Subsequently, he decided to step down from the lucrative white-collar job and further with resolute move to entrepreneurship. This endeavor has not been fruitful despite his outstanding academic and career establishments. He failed and was thoroughly defeated. After his business failure. Dr. Lee was insolvent and indebted with RM4 Million. That was the time when and where he comprehended the value and spirit of “The Unsinkable”. Facing failures and hardships are not as hard as thought, failure is the learning process and lead him towards transformation.

A like China’s legendary entrepreneur, Chu Shijian, the value of “The Unsinkable” is deeply rooted in Dr. Lee’s beliefs. From his experiences, he realized that people is the core value of and enterprise. Valuing people is what keeps the business thriving. This was also the reason why he decided to collaborate with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 2015. Setting up a RM2 million foundation in granting scholarship to less capable students. He believed that talents should not be buried, and knowledge will be the key to unleashing their fuller potentials.

His deep insights of valuing and appreciating people encompass with love sharing, success sharing and shared goal. He applied relevant experiences and knowledge he gained into the entrepreneurship path. Dr. Lee’s time to begin a new successfully founded ArthurReine Group and SKG Group, which included domestic and international trading. Manufacturing, creative design, food production and more.



传承国际成立于2014年5月31日,总部坐落于马来西亚,八打灵再也的哥打白沙罗 (Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya),自置总面积超过25,000 平方尺。同时也成功扩张业务到亚洲四个国家,其中包括马来西亚,新加坡,泰国及印度尼西亚,并创下超过马币一亿令吉的年业绩。目前为止,传承国际在四个国家拥有大约10万名独立经销商。

传承国际以“传承科研Legacy Science” 为产品核心基础,致力于研发结合优质天然元素及先进科技,以生产更高效的美肤及保健产品。传承科研Legacy Science的策略研发团队包括了:马来西亚国立大学 (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia), 日本科研团队Unilife及法国科研团队Fytexia。



但深信直销这个以人为本,以分享为基础,可以一起学习,改变,成长的正能量,倍增商业模式,肯定是能为曾经在正统直销界奋斗过,或想通过自己的努力,丰盛自己的未来而创业的人士的最佳平台,《传承国际》,在集团创办人Dr Lee 的推动下诞生了。通过传承国际的使命,远景,价值观,还原直销最初面貌:共同成长,互相鼓励,共享成功,共创美好人生,美好传承。



“永不沉没”,对Dr Lee来说,不是一个道理,而是生活的历练。这个精神不是在他的相对比较顺畅的求学时期开始,而是在他面对失败的早期创业历程中领悟。求学时期,身边的亲友们给于的讯息是:特许会计师是非常难念的科系,要成为财务总监更是难上加难。凭着“相信”于“努力”,他合格成为英国与马来西亚特许会计师,也在29岁成为财务总监,并在后期修成工商管理博士资格。


像中国传奇企业家诸时健一样,“用不沉没“精神也在Dr Lee的信念里根深蒂固。从失败经验里体会了企业的核心价值是”人才“。爱惜人才,才能确保企业永续经营。这也是为什么他会在2015年决定与UKM大学合作,为清贫子弟提供RM2百万的助学金,因为人才不应被埋没,而知识更能让人才发挥潜能。


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