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Perseverance always leads to success

The ingredients of success are one’s real motive, planning, honing of skills, sacrifices and effort.

There is much truth in the saying “no pain, no gain”. As a matter of fact, all high flyers hve paid their own price for achieving something great. Be prepared to put in more effort than others, if you want to be successful, be it double, triple or even ten times more effort you need to put in. As long as you believe in turning the “impossible” to “I’m possible”, you will achieve even your wildest dreams. On the contrary, if you choose to live in your past experience of failure and allow self-doubt to take the better part of you, even a small goal could be beyond reach.

We do not get to choose our family and the environment in which we grow up. However, we can definitely choose how we react to circumstances and create the life we have always wanted. It was my privilege having been able to experience the true spirit of our Legacians during the Ruby Recognition held in August 2017. Their spirit of striving against challenges to change their life was contagious and moving.

When more people are spending their time enjoying, these Legacians chose to invest their time in learning and on sharing knowledge with other people. Their success is built on their hard work. I was motivated, having seen them shining on the stage. It reminded me that we should not rest on our laurels but continue to learn and strive for the best. Your hard work will be rewarded as long as you persevere you will rise to success in your own right.

Remember, perseverance always leads to success. Return Legacy is always here with you, supporting you to seize the opportunities presented to you and create the life you have always dreamt of.

坚持不懈 终会成功




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