What is Digital Energy Medicine?


Enjoy the highly amplified healing benefits of high-quality CBD oil in energetic form.

Digital Energy represents the future of energy medicine by extracting the unique informational data field of the highest quality Cannabidiol oil available, amplifying its field amplitude millions of times, and encoding it into innovative digital media. Simply open and play Digital Energy in one or more of its multiple formats on your electronic devices, and it will immediately broadcast the amplified energetic signature of Cannabidiol oil, with all of its accompanying benefits.


For Anyone Who Wants to Enjoy the Amplified Healing Benefits of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa). It does not cause a “high” effect and can offer relief from certain conditions.

1. It relieves Some Types of Pain and Inflammation

2. It has Antipsychotic Effects

3. It reduces Anxiety

4. It helps to Fight Cancer

5. It Relieves Nausea

6. It may Treat Seizures and Other Neurological Disorders

7. It helps to lower Incidence of Diabetes

8. It helps to promote Cardiovascular Health


Digital Energy is a unique technology and program that combines energy medicine with innovative digital media.

Using a proprietary process developed by Subtle Energy Sciences founder Eric W Thompson, Digital Energy broadcasts the amplified energetic signature of CBD through your electronic devices.

You might think of it as a kind of “amplified digital homeopathy,” but it’s far more powerful than traditional homeopathy.


Simply open the Digital file (in audio, video or picture file format, whichever format best suits your needs), and these energetically encoded digital files will automatically transmit the energy of CBD oil (along with all the accompanying benefits of real CBD oil) through your phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

Sound impossible? Too good to be true? It isn’t. It’s here.

Try this 5 minutes Demo of Digital CBD : https://subtle.energy/sample-digital-cbd/ref/250/