Decleanse – Your perfect choice to an inner cleanse and outer beauty!

• Cleanse and Detox

• Promotes digestive health

• Boosts nutrient absorption

• Stay in shape

• Reinvigorates skin

Key Ingredient :

Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS) (Prebiotic)

• Promotes intestinal health by :

– Protecting against pathogenic bacteria

– Reducing the risk of food poisoning

– Enhancing body’s immune system and thus reduce body’s inflammation

– Ensuring a well balance colonic microflora

• Boost nutrient absorption of vitamins and minerals

Chitin and Beta glucan (Fiber)

• Increase bulk stools

• Prevent constipation and irregular stools

• Increase satiety, feel full oonger and reduce food intake

• Bind to cholesterol and sugar, thus prevent or slowing their absorption into the blood

Chlorophy II

• Reinvigorates the skin for healthy glow

• A form of antioxidant to promote younger and healthier skin


The first step to healthier you.

Distinctively made with all natural plant based ingredients, this high dietary fiber beverage helps to cleanse and detoxify your body.

NUREOX de’CLEANSE contains all the ingredients needed to promote a healthy digestive system, balance intestinal microflora and alleviate occasional constipation in a natural way.

Rich with fiber, it helps to satiate hunger, manage food and energy intake which contributes to a healthy weight management, It also enhances the absorption of nutrients from diet to improve the overall nutrition intake leading to the development of better health, a clear and smooth complexion and the removal of toxins.

On tops of all the benefits, NUREOX de’CLEANSE contains specially handpicked kiwi fruits, giving you a fresh, fruity and delicious taste!

Original Sources

activator hydro Return Legacy NUREOX de’CLEANSE English Version

activator hydro Return Legacy NUREOX de’CLEANSE Chinese Version

Decleanse Member Price
1 box de’CLEANSE for RM 88 (West Malaysia)
1 box de’CLEANSE for RM 95 (East Malaysia)

Non Member Price
1 box de’CLEANSE for RM 110 (West Malaysia)
1 box de’CLEANSE for RM 123 (East Malaysia)

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