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On average, we tend to lose 1 to 4 lashes or brows each day.

Our hair follicles and being damaged by makeup, putting on falsies, embroidery, lash extension, excessive styling including using heat curler and as we age. Without taking care and nourishing our lashes and brows, including the follicles where these haris grow and get nutrient from, the hair will fall out and become thinner day by day.
Thus, it is important to pamper and nourish your brows, lashes and follicles in your daily skin care regime. A well taken care and nourished lashes and brows will give you the look you’re going for and turns out the way you intended.

Look Lusciously Mesmerizing

This Powerful and deeply nourishing essence gives you healthy lush brows and lashes you’ve been wanting and is the ultimate solution to nourish your follicles, eyebrows, and eyelashes after excessive styling such as extension, heat curling, falsies and embroidery.

The eyelash and eyebrow growth essence for that mesmerizing look.

Powered by 3 dynamic ingredients that work together with a special delivery system known as Liposome Delivery System (LPD) to give you a synergistic effect of 3 times boosting, 3 times power for fuller, longer and stronger lashes and brows.


A Unique system that contains similar properties like the human body which works to maximize the nutrient delivered while speed up the nutrients’absorption. It also protects the active ingredients from being damaged and stabilizes the ingredients.


Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1

Enhances hair length, volume and strength.
Length of Eyelashes increased by 11% after 15 days.
Diameter of eyelashes increased by 12% after 15 days.
Reduces loss of 3.7 eyelashes, increased the strength for healthier and fuller lashes


Improves the structure of keratin – the basic element that makes up your hair, thus reducing fine and brittle hair.
Increases hair density for fuller hair
The density of hair increased by 16% after 24 weeks.

Eriobotrya Japonica Leaf Extract

Protect lashes and brows from UV rays
Increases lashes and brows length
Promotes healthier follicle for thicker lashes and brows
Boosts nutrient absorption for fuller, longer and stronger lashes and brows.

Gallash gives you that natural enhancement and nourishment you need.

Fuller with Gallash

Maximises nutrient absorption needed to optimally boost the volume of lashes and brows
Promotes and maintains healthy follicles which helps to increase hair thickness
Minimeses the falling of lashes and brows so you’ll get fuller hair for longer period.
Increases the density of hair for fuller hair

Longer with Gallash

Speeds up and constantly enhances the length of hair.

Stronger with Gallash

Strengthens hair by improving structure of keratin.
Promotes healthier hair against harmful UV rays.

Designed in twist-and-glide pen form that is slim and easy-to-grip, Gallash features a soft and gentle brush for precise application. Its twist application ensures you always ge the exact amount you need to apply each time and reduces instances of essence overflow or leakage.

The packaging’s cap attaches itself securely and tightly to the body for easy storage and keeping it hygienic whilst reducing air and environment contact, thus ensuring the brush doesn’t become dry and hardened.

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