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The Micro-Mineralised Nutrient Technology (MMNT) developed by Legacy Science is an advanced technique to stabilize a substantial quantity of negative hydrogen ions. Negative hydrogen ions help to fight free radicals, reduce the adverse effects on the human body and delay skin aging process due to harmful contaminants and radiation. With the products infused with Micro-Mineralised Nutrient Technology (MMNT), it serves visible benefits in protecting and maintaining our health and physical apperarance.

Return Legacy’s efforts have been acknowledged by distinguished international and local research institutions, spurring the establishment of its own GMP research and development factory. Return Legacy is committed to the unyielding pursuit of understanding the close connections between the ideal of youth and health for its program. This represent a clear indication of Return Legacy’s resolve behind integrating scientific research in its product development. It is also the reason why Legacy Science and its resulting efforts has become the foundation of the organization’s corporate philosophy.

Return Legacy is upholding “Our Legacy Home” as its corporate culture, with “Responsibility, Commitment and Dedication” as its selected esteemed values. With a developed international marketing system. Return Legacy is determined to build and international yet world-renowned brand with the continuously developing of Legacy Science. Return Legacy’s ideals for its brand is based on an “Inner & Outer Rejuvenation, Restoring Your Youth’ motto. At present, the 2 series emphasizes on external care and reparation, while the REOXlife series is tailored for inner rejuvenation.

The development of the (MMNT) Micro-Mineralised Nutrient Technology has provided Return Legacy the opportunity to formulate a greater range of skincare products suited for various needs, greatly influenced by fulfilling the direction of “Inner & Outer Rejuvenation, Restoring Your Youth” In-depth study has also been conducted in nutrition products, as we believe in care that encompasses one’s inner and outer health. This approach is able to seamlessly rejuvenate even individuals who are living a hectic urban lifestyle.

There is no compromise on the safety, quality and effectiveness of our products. We have put in various measures to ensure our products meet the legal regulations and more. Our products are paraben free, SLS free, SLES free. We have conducted numerous tests and checks through recognized entities from other countries and one such is clinical studies in UKM (National University of Malaysia). Thrust us when we say WE CARE.




UKM is among one of the research universities in Malaysia to prioritize on research and development in science and technology. UKM cooperates with industries to ensure the quality and safety of products. UKM is committed to working closely with Return Legacy Sdn Bhd in reviewing and analyzing all of its existing products. Many laboratories in UKM are directly involved in the research and development of the products, such as UNIPEQ, Water Analysis Lab, Oleochemicals Lab and Bioserasi Lab. The data obtained clearly indicates that products of Return Legacy Sdn Bhd are guaranteed safe with good quality and are free from dubious and harmful compound.

Hence, UKM would like to take this opportunity to express its deepest gratitude to Return Legacy Sdn bhd, which has endowed RM2 Million worth of scholarships (Foundation Dr. Lee Siew Keong) that has benefited underprivileged students to pursue their studies. UKM sincerely appreciates how the partnership has become the best example to be raised among the top leaders management and staff of UKM.

The aforementioned details has made it evidence that UKM-Return Legacy Sdn Bhd collaboration has brought significant benefits to both parties since 2015.


由传承科研团队研发的微矿化营养技术(MMNT), 以高端科技稳定负氢离子。负氢离子,有助于抵抗自由基,见地自由基对人体和肌肤的伤害,同时减低岁月痕迹。以负氢离子为根本,配以其他优质有效成分,传承国际所研发的产品,更懂得呵护你的肌肤。

传承国际以传承科研团队做为强大后盾,建立了自身的GMP 研发工厂。结合最先进的科技不断的研发理想青春与健康状态的补助方案。传承国际以传承研发做为产品开发基础,以科学角度出发,实事求是的态度,都鲜明的反映在产品研发部分。

传承国际的企业核心文化“我们的第二个家”,以“责任,承若,奉献”为企业价值观。在国际化的营销体系运作中,随着“传承科研”的不断开发,传承国际立志打造享誉世界的国际品牌。传承品牌理念以“内外调理,青春还你”为品牌主轴。2度 系列做为外在护理,及”REOXlife” 系列做为内在调理。

微矿化营养技术(MMNT) 的研发,让传承国际能提供更完整的美肤产品,以符合不同的肤质需求。配合“内外调理,青春还你”的调理方向,传承国际也在内服保健品方面深入研发,在外用配合内服的双管齐下,让即使身在城市化时代的人们,也可以享受到由内到外的身体保护及美肌保养。

传承国际对于产品的安全性,质量及功效,绝不妥协。所有产品都符合法律规格及其它所需标准。此外,所有产品不含对羥基苯甲酸酯 (Paraben Free),不含十二烷基硫酸钠 (SLS Free),不含十二烷聚氧乙烯烷基硫酸鈉 (SLES Free)。 传承国际产品也通过了多次检测与测试,并获得有关当局的认可。这也包括的马来西亚国立大学(UKM) 的一系列临床研究。

对于品质,传承国际绝 不妥协




马来西亚国民大学(UKM) 是马来西亚主力研究与开发科学技术的研究型大学之一,并以其专业研究与高端器材,协助市场提升产品质量与安全性。马来西亚国民大学与其实验室包括UNIPEQ, Water Analysis Lab, Oleochemicals Lab 和Bioserasi Lab, 直接参与审查和分析所有传承国际的产品。所获得的数据,清楚表明传承国际的产品全属安全与高质,不含任何对健康有害的元素。

马来西亚国民大学希望借此机会向传承国际表示感谢之意,感谢传承国际以奖学金形式 (Foundation Dr Lee Siew Keong) 捐赠了200万令吉的教育基金,让家境清贫的马来西亚国民大学学生们有机会完成学业。马来西亚国民大学衷心感谢此合作关系。这个善举,已成为大学领导层,管理层和员工设立了最佳学习版样。


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