MOIST Your Way to Long-Lasting Hydration

Water is perhaps the most important resource on Earth. And we wouldn’t go a day without drinking water. The same goes to hydrating our skin, the largest organ of our body. It needs hydration as much as we need daily drinking water.

Any skin care routing is not perfect without moisturizer. Irrespective of skin type, everyone needs moisturizing cream to keep our skin radiant, soft, supple and smooth. And in order for our skin to stay young and healthy for long periods of time, using moisturizer proves to have benefits for the skin in the long run.

When you are moisturizing your skin, you are actually hydrating your skin which allows skin to function at its peak performance. According to British Journal of Dermatology, those who used moisturizer were found to have delayed rates of wrinkle development. This is why, moisturizing is important for men as it is for women when it comes to signs of aging.

MOIST Helps Our Skin Stay Younger

The skin on our face is very sensitive to environmental changes. When you moisturize, you are allowing your skin’s barrier functions to improve and be protected against environmental agreessors. To add on, the massaging gesture when applying moisturizer helps stimulate blood circulation as well as new cell generation. Plus, moisturizing helps reduce skin problems – in particular, dehydrated skin, fine lines, skin roughness and flakiness.

When and How do You Use a Moisturiser? SIMPLE!

After Taking a Bath:
This is when skin is still moisture and moisturizer actually helps trap water in skin right after your bath.

After Cleansing your Face with Cleanser:
Immediately apply a suitable moisturizer. It left unmoisturised for long. You skin’s moisture can evaporate and causes trans-epidermal water loss.

After Protective Base for Makeup:
A light consistency of moisturizer can actually hold the makeup for longer periods of time. No matter your skin type, it is prone to be dehydrated. Which is why, with the help of good and appropriate moisturizing routing in your daily beauty regime, your skin will thank you to keep it looking good and radiant with that healthy glow.

ALL Day Moisture Boost For Healthy Glow

It is the perfect solution you’ve been looking for. The non-greasy cream recharges your skin, improves skin resilience against environmental aggressors and leaves your skin glowing with locked-in moisture and suppleness all day long. Dermatologically-tested, it is proven to be hypoallergenic, mild and gentle – suitable for all skin types especially those with sensitive skin.

The bottle design symbolizes a diamond that is the epitome of shine, glow and crystal-clear properties. A diamond-shaped bottle is perhaps a reminder that your skin should be clear and exuding with glow. And your glow should be forever, like a diamond.

With its buttery, creamy and light texture, it is made to be a soft cream-based moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling comfortable and supple without that greasy feeling with each application. You can be sure of delicate, smooth and plump skin after each application. That’s just how the it works for your skin!

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