Odentee for healthier teeth. Are you still squeezing toothpaste tubes every morning?

Odentee – Do you know there is more than meets the eye when it comes to oral health and that the tooth is the only part of the body that can’t heal itself? You may pride yourself as the owner of a set of flawless pearly whites, but there is always room to do more to keep it even healthier.

Brushing or cleaning your teeth twice a day is not quite enough to maintain healthy teeth. In fact, we should clean our teeth after every meal because the food we consume often have residual left on the tooth surface, leading to bacteria growth and eventually forming plaque. Leaving this sticky substance untreated causes bad breath, cavities, and other gum diseases.

However, dental experts have also noted that brushing your teeth immediately after a meal also damages tooth surface as well as gum tissues due to acids. Even soft bristled toothbrushes can be highly abrasive when enamel is already weakened by high acid levels. And let’s not forget, at this day and age we’re always pressed for time and brushing your teeth that frequently would be rather inconvenient.

To provide a holistic teeth cleaning solution that is practical and effective, the legacy science had developed Odentee, Malaysia’s pioneering tooth foam! Odentee has created a revolution by going against conventional toothpaste forms, introducing a delicate yet compact foam that deeply and thoroughly cleanses your teeth – including hard to reach spots, thus improving overall oral health.

Odentee contains Lynenox, an exclusive ingredient crafted using cutting edge technology and stringent quality control. This Return Legacy’s proprietary blend of natural plant extracts which includes sugar beet. Licorice and perilla seed that has substantial antibacterial properties.

Meticulous research of each ingredient’s unique characteristics to form Lynenox is conducted before finally extracting its finest properties – at Return Legacy, we believe quality ingredients are the centre of every outstanding products. All ingredients are handled with exceptional care and nurtured in an eco-friendly controlled environment, ensuring it retains top-notch quality and all of its nutrients. The extraction is a process that is laboriously monitored, with strict standards of quality control to ensure quality is of the highest grade. The unique combination helps break down 98% cariogenic bacterial membranes, keeps breath fresh, and greatly reduces plaque build-up, conveniently addressing all your teeth and oral care needs.

每日早晨, 你还在挤牙膏吗?



为提供一个即实际有有效的口腔清洁护理方案,传承科研研发了马来西亚首支喷沫牙膏Odentee! 颠覆传统牙膏的膏状质地,以细腻饱满的泡沫状零死角的渗入牙齿的细缝中,无需使用牙刷也能达及全方位清洁之效,还口腔一个更健康的环境。

Odentee 含有使用尖端科技与严格质量控制研制而成的独家配方 – Lynenox。 此配方集合了天然植物提取物,包括甜菜,甘草和具有显著抗菌特性的紫苏籽。传承国际坚信优质成分是打造卓越产品的根本,在提取植物精华以前,传承科研会对每种成分的特性进行细研,并确保所有萃取成分经特殊处理,并培育于生态友好的环境中以确保质量和所有营养成分的优质性。此外,提取过程严格监控,务求质量达最高等级。次独特配方有助于分解98%的致齵细菌膜,保持口气清新,减少斑块的形成,轻松满足您所有的牙齿和口腔的护理需求。

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