Odentee for healthier teeth


The switch from conventional to contemporary way of oral care

  Periodontal disease is a common oral symptom in Malaysia, often caused by dental plaque residue on the teeth’s surface. When one has poor oral hygiene and cleaning habits, plaque starts to form in teeth gaps and surface areas, causing bacteria infection to both gums and teeth, and finally leading to loose teeth. According to Deputy Ministry of Health Malaysia YB Dato’ Seri Dr. Hilmi Bin Haji Yahaya, 9 out of 10 Malaysians suffered from oral symptoms such as periodontal disease and tooth decay, amongst others. And of the 30 million plus Malaysians, 7% of people have lost all of their natural born teeth. Periodontal diseases are surprisingly more common than you think, hence if one has poor oral hygiene and develops periodontal diseases, beyond appearances and aesthetics being affected, it could potentially affect one’s self confidence, their appetites and etc. Practicing good oral hygiene is something that should not be overlooked as its effect on everyday life is wide-reaching, hence we should increase our general level of awareness towards oral hygiene matters to curb further health issues. Odentee for healthier teeth Odentee contains Lynenox, an exclusive ingredient crafted using cutting edge technology and stringent quality control. This Return Legacy’s proprietary blend of natural plant extracts which includes sugar beet. Licorice and perilla seed that has substantial antibacterial properties. Meticulous research of each ingredient’s unique characteristics to form Lynenox is conducted before finally extracting its finest properties – at Return Legacy, we believe quality ingredients are the centre of every outstanding products. All ingredients are handled with exceptional care and nurtured in an eco-friendly controlled environment, ensuring it retains top-notch quality and all of its nutrients. The extraction is a process that is laboriously monitored, with strict standards of quality control to ensure quality is of the highest grade. The unique combination helps break down 98% cariogenic bacterial membranes, keeps breath fresh, and greatly reduces plaque build-up, conveniently addressing all your teeth and oral care needs. Original Sources https://www.flickr.com/photos/149018356@N05/albums teeth Return Legacy Odentee pdf Member Price West Malaysia 1 bottle Odentee for RM 27 East Malaysia 1 bottle Odentee for RM 30 Non Member Price 1 bottle Odentee for RM 32 (West Malaysia) 1 bottle Odentee for RM 35 (East Malaysia) Click Buy Now will divert you to our official e-commerce site to assist in your purchase. Write down this Referral Code now : MY1121706. You need to key in this code in order to proceed to payment.